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Clothes Designer - viet phone . 01649 279 645

Thanks for visit Mamba soul site and to share a small part of my point of view of life: natural fabrics, handmade works, human feelings.


Just to order your clothes, please fill the data you can see below, remember to detail your desired size -XS, S, M, L, or XL-, number of clothes and model, and send me the mail. Don't forget to detail also your shipping address and contact phone. I will reply you by mail with payment mode and time to delivery.



For custom made models, you need to open this CUSTOM MADE ORDER FORM  using Adobe Reader, and fill all the data I need from you. When filled, copy and rename the new file in your desktop.  Finally, please send me back, I will reply you by mail with doubts (if was), payment mode and time to delivery. Please add your stand-up picture.



Due to the natural origin of all materials used (cotton, hemp, linen, indigo ink, etc.) and handmade print and weave process, also natural process to fix and keep colors on fabrics, Mamba soul remember you how careful must be the cleaning and storage of this dresses. In order to avoid any damage, please use DRY CLEAN ONLY and keep your Mamba soul piece in FRESH and DRY place.


When you buy a Mamba soul creation, you accept your own responsability to take care and to preserve your dresses.

Your details were sent successfully!

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